Primark Beauty | Urban Heat & Cherry Blossom Eyeshadow Palletes Review

Hey everyone!
 Hope you’ve all had an amazing weekend!
 It's been quite a long time since I've written here but, I've been so occupied with school work and such. 

I wanted to share a post today all about these two Primark eyeshadow palettes that I’ve bought two weeks ago and been trying out this week. Both were super affordable. costing 6 € each. I haven't tried Primark makeup products for a very long time and also I haven't tried a lot of the products, like foundations, concealers, etc.. maybe in the future?
 Hope you enjoy this post!

I have to say: Primark had a tonne of lovely eyeshadow options!
 I picked up two palettes: The Urban Heat and the Cherry Blossom, both Urban Decay dupes. 

The first one, has 12 shadows, some matte, and some shimmer/metallic. I've experienced that most affordable eyeshadows sometimes are extremely disappointing as they can be very chalky or just not pigmented enough to work with. However, I was quite impressed with this one! The mattes are smooth and pigmented, and they blend out super nice on the eyes.  I must warn you that the swatches are a little deceiving! 

Even though some shadows are pigmented, some of the shimmers were a slight disappointment. Even with a wet brush with setting spray AND an eyeshadow primer, some of the colours aren't pigmented enough and don't come through as well as the mattes. 

The second one, also has 12 shadows, fewer mattes, and more shimmer/metallic. I found that this palette doesn't allow you to create more than two looks using just the palette unless you only want a shimmer eyeshadow look.  Some shimmers are more pigmented than others, which can be a little be annoying but, for 6 euros and from Primark, you can't ask much, I guess..

It's great to use it as a complementary eyeshadow palette since the shimmers are gorgeous. I will definitely wear this one a lot in the future if I have to go to a party/dinner. 

The existence of dupes aren't new for anyone, but sometimes, when you can't afford the original product, sometimes dupers are the best option. It can't live up to the original in terms of pigmentation, blending and durability throughout the day, but sometimes the dupes can surprise you!

Have you ever tried any of these palettes from Primark?

Hope you enjoyed this post!



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