3 Eyeshadow Palettes for Autumn

Like most people. I like to match my makeup with the season of the year, and since it's Autumn, I now go for more orange/brown shades. For me, makeup looks - especially during this time of year - with brown shimmers are gorgeous! I just love the way those colours blend with the environment and they are just gorgeous looks.
I don't own a lot of eyeshadow palettes ( most of them are drugstore and affordable ) and these are the three I've been using the most since Autumn has begun!
This Urban Heat from Primark beauty is the newest in my collection. I just love the colours! (I'll be doing a review in a few weeks) The most gorgeous colours in this palette are the shimmers. OMG, the shimmer shades are so pigmented! You can read my review from this palette here!

This W7 eyeshadow palette has been my number one choice when I do my makeup. These aren't super pigmented but with an eyeshadow primer, they become just amazing and blend super well! The colours are gorgeous. I have a review from this palette here if you want to read!

Last, but not least, this Revolution Eyeshadow palette, is the third of my autumn choices. The colours are very pigmented and blend super well. It doesn't have a lot of browns but with this one, I usually match with the one from Primark, and by doing this, it lets me create more bold and gorgeous looks!
I don't have a review yet but hope to do soon!!

´These are my picks for eyeshadow palettes for this Autumn!
What are yours? Tell me in the comments!
Hope you enjoyed this post!



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