Novex Haul


Have you ever heard "capillary schedule"? Well, I discovered it a few years in a Portuguese Facebook group all about hair care, and how to take care of your hair with a few products and teach you how to properly wash your hair with a schedule.

As of right now, I have very dehydrated hair so, I went to their capillary schedule program and chose one that fits my hair goals and my hair type.

With that, I went online and purchased three hair masks that give three different properties: Nutrition, Hydration and  Reconstruction. 

And because the website Embelleze EU was having a sale, I decided to purchase my three mascaras  there,

For my hair routine, here's what each mascara does:

*Novex Bambu Sprout - Hydration

*Novex Coconut Oil - Nutrition

*Novex Collagen Infusion - Reconstruction

My program is a 6-week program where I wash my hair 2 days a week and use the combination of these three masks and hopefully have a more hydrated hair!

Have you ever heard of this program?

 Hope you enjoyed this post!



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