Banana Smoothie Bowl | Banana Nice Cream | Vegan Recipe

Who here loves ice cream as much as I do? 
There's this amazing recipe all over social media ( I saw this one on Instagram ) about these nice creams made with frozen bananas and OMG are they amazing and delicious!
So today, I bring you the recipe that I make the most here at home for any snack or desserts!
This recipe is very easy!
Hope you enjoy!


  1.  2 frozen bananas
  2. 2 tbsp of unsweetened cacao 
  3. 1-2 tbsp of vegetable milk
  4. 1 tbsp of peanut butter ( optional)
  5.  All the desired toppings! 


  • Add the bananas, the cacao, the milk and the peanut butter to a food processor or a blender. Mix everything until the mixture becomes thick in consistency. You have to see if you need more or less milk because too much milk will make the nice cream more liquid, so be careful with that!
  • Add your desirable toppings and enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed this post!



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