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Beauty and Makeup have been a part of my life and my "brand" for a few years now and this has been one of the best things I honestly do love. I've loved trying new things and products, discovering new brands that are cruelty-free and affordable. 
In my makeup collection (which is small, I don't like having a lot of products just sitting there and gaining dust as I don't do makeup for a living, I only buy the products that I use and only purchase new ones once they run out), makeup brushes are very scarce. I do like seeing them in any makeup collection, but finding good and affordable cruelty-free brushes sometimes, at least for me, are hard. 


So, a few weeks ago I went to the website Dott ( I don't know if it only exists here in Portugal, but I think it is), and discovered 6 makeup brushes from Essense on sale, so I decided to grab them. 
I don't know how many this brand has but these six were the only ones I could find.
These are the ones I purchased:

After using them for these past three weeks, I really like them. I find them super easy to use, they blend and perform very well. For being around 1 to 2,5€ each, I definitely recommend them! 

One thing that I wanna share is that  I'm glad they don't have a concealer and a foundation brush because I don't like using brushes for my concealer and foundation that much because I always feel like the product doesn't blend very well and there're small lines from the brush on my skin. 

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