Let's Talk About the SS21 Collection | Ideal of Sweden


 Today I wanna share with you the newest products that Ideal of Sweden have launched for their newest collection!

I discovered this brand a few days ago and I have to say that they have the most gorgeous products that I have seen in a while. From phone cases to bags to wallets, everything there is astonishingly beautiful. 

They asked me to share my favourites products with you guys from the SS21 collection and I was very happy with the opportunity and couldn't refuse! 

When I opened the Atelier Case tab from their website, I fell in love with the first product when I saw it was this iPhone case in this gorgeous yellow colour. It's so beautiful that I can't describe it. Yellow is one of my favourite colours and this pastel is just impressive and beautiful. 

Lemon Croco

I love bumbags and I know that a lot of people don't like them. It's perfectly fine but for me, they are so convenient and practical especially if I'm on holiday and I don't want to wear a backpack or a handbag while I'm visiting places. This bag is very practical and it's gorgeous. I just love how practical they are!

Dynamic Black

This Airpods case.. I don't have words to describe just how gorgeous it is. I'm a huge fan of flower prints and this so pretty. The colour, the pattern, everything about this case is perfect, I'm absolutely in love with it!
Lemon Bloom

Ever since I got an iPhone, I realized how important it is to carry a Powerbank with me everywhere I go. I love taking photos and be active on my Instagram page that sometimes my battery runs out and I need to charge it. So, when I went to their power bank page and saw this one.. oh my god! This pattern is gorgeous! I really like the marble effect on products and this blew me away! 
Golden Blush Marble

For everyone that's constantly on their social media, having something on the back of their phones to help hold it is a huge help. This one has a gorgeous pattern, and I really love the colours. I find that this product is very handy and very helpful! 

Rose Pearl Marble

And these are my favourite products from the Ideal of Sweden! Did you like my choices? If you like any of these products or any product from their website you can use my code BBARAO for 15% off their website!

 Hope you enjoyed this post!



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