Happy Mother's Day!

Hello! Hope you're doing well.

If you don't live in Portugal, we celebrated Mother's day yesterday, Sunday the 2nd of May.

This year I decided to bake something special for my mother and chose to bake a Red Velvet Vegan Cake. 

I don't consider myself a huge baker but I can bake a few cakes and cookies, and a lot of my friend and family really enjoy my baked goods. 

The only time I baked something red velvet, it was in December 2019 where I baked some muffins. I've never baked a cake and made the typical cream cheese frosting! 

Let's just say that this year wasn't a success either! I messed everything up and because I didn't want to give up on the cake, I chose to make a typical chocolate frosting. This way we still got to enjoy a decorated cake!
I know I'm not a professional decorator but I was still impressed, and my mother really enjoyed it a lot!

So yeah, it was a little stressful baking and decorating this cake but I'm quite happy with the result and the taste! 

   Hope you enjoyed this post!



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