Prague | New Years Trip

First, I wanna wish you all a Happy New Year!
If you follow me on Instagram ( the link is below), you saw that I went to Prague for New Year!
The trip started with my flight being cancelled ( yay me!)  on the 27th of December, but I travelled there on the 28th. 

I arrived around 6 pm, and all there was to do was to go to the Airbnb, go to dinner and explore a little bit of the night in Prague. Let's just say that on the very first night, not only did we discover an Anonymus Bar tat was very cool, we discovered a club at around 1 am and stayed there until 4 am ( with face masks - I'm telling this most person there didn't care about covid and were asking us why we were wearing one). It honestly felt good, we haven't been in one in ages since here in Portugal, there are some restrictions concerning nightclubs. 
The next day, the 29th we ate breakfast in a café near our house and it was amazing. Then we went exploring around the city and saw the most famous landmarks, like the bridge where they shot a scene in Spider-Man Far from Home, but also the infamous clock that, to be honest, was a little disappointing! I was expecting a lot more than just a few statues moving. 
in front of the clock, there was an illusion museum which was very fun! didn't expect to be that fun, but the art pieces were meant to be seen through the phone, which was very cool. After that, we went for lunch and I had a potato soup and a greek salad ( since there were no other vegetarian options, very sad!) 
I and a friend of mine were very sad because we couldn't try a chimney cake in Budapest so we decided that we needed to try them in Prague! And yes, it's very delicious but very sweet for me ( I don't eat a lot of sugary stuff anymore so after a few bites I couldn't eat anymore so I saved for later) but you definitely need to try!

The city was gorgeously decorated with Christmas lights! It was very astonishing to walk and see the lights at night. It was very magical!

On the 30 and 31st, we just went around the city, visited more museums, we also visited the synagogs and the Jewish part of te city and visited the castle and churches. They were all very beautiful and full of history. 

We went to a party on the night of 31st in a bar where we stayed all night up until 4 am. I didn't see the fireworks, because I was told that the city had forbidden the launch but apparently some people launched them anyway. 
Nonetheless, it was a very good trip! I bring a lot of good memories! 

Have you ever visited Prague?
Tell me in the comments!


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