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So last week I was running out of skincare products and went online to look for the brand here on Portugal when I discovered a new brand called One.Two.Free!, which is a new vegan and cruelty-free brand, and I was very excited so I ordered some new skincare products!

They have a lot of single products but I opted for two bundles: 
the hydra power set and the sweet dreams

The Hydra Power Set comes with two products: a Hyallurinic Power Serum  and the Hydra Power Gel-Cream. 
With the discount, this set cost me 17.50€
The Sweet Dreams Set comes with three miniatures: the Favourite Foaming Cleanser, the Super Glow Serum and the Overnight Glow Cream
This set cost, with discount, 12,50€

I'm a little disappointed with the size of the cleansing gel and I regret not buying another one, but I didn't realise the size. But, if my skin likes, I'll purchase the bigger one. 

As I'm writing this, I haven't tried them, but I'm hoping to start in the next few days, since I don't like wasting products, meaning I'm using my products to the max!

I'm hoping that my skin enjoyes these because I'm very excited with the possibility of having another cruelty-free brand here in Portugal!

Have you ever tried?

Hope you enjoyed this post!




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