Segle Skin Rescue Glow

Today I wanted to share with you this pack that I received last week for an ad on Instagram.  I'm not writing this because they asked me or anything, I just wanted to share with you this product and share my opinions. 
When I got the opportunity to work on this brand, I was very excited because I'm always looking for new skincare brands that are new and cruelty-free.
This brand is called Segle and they sent me this Glow Serum Pack that has three serums: a Vital C, a Glicomix and a Skin Factor. 

The Glicomix Serum is a chemical peeling with 20%AHA that helps for a new skin renewal by eliminating the dead skin and impurities. It helps reduce wrinkles and acne scars. It's meant to be used once a week 

The Skin Factor is formulated with growth factors as well as vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and collagen. It helps soothe the skin and helps to improve the texture of the skin, reduced the wrinkles and may help with the skin elasticity. It's to be used at night before bed. 

The last serum, the Vital C, is a hydrating and anti-oxidant that enhances the skin luminosity and helps protect it from pollution and solar radiation.  It has a combination of vitamin C and anti-stress active, hyaluronic acid and panthenol to combat tiredness and reinforce the skin's barrier function, and it's recommended to be used in the morning.

I haven't been using them for a very long time, so I can't say if they're good or not, but I'm hoping that in a few weeks or months I cant write a proper review for you guys!

Hope you enjoyed this post!



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